shutterstock_112759267 (1024x665)Moving? Looking to update?

When you are ready to sell your furniture, give us a call.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your relationship with us:· It’s best to send us pictures, if you can.

You’ll want to get your furniture camera-ready
  • Clean it according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Check the condition. Is it in need of basic maintenance? If so, just make a note of it. If you’re not sure? We’ll check it out. Everyday wear and tear is to be expected, but severe damage may impact the offer we make.
  • Don’t use cleaners you’re not sure about. Abrasive chemicals can cause irreparable damage.
  • Move furniture with care. If we’re interested, we can come out to see it, but dark spaces make it difficult to take good pictures. Consider moving pieces if small enough to well-lit areas if you can.

Give us a variety of shots
          • You’ll want to take more than one picture. There’s no ideal amount of images, but sending us a few well help us understand the current state of your furniture.
          • Detailed images are great and even showing us imperfections will help us determine how they’ll affect value, if at all.
          • Cell phone pictures are fine- they’ll be emailed to us.

If you can’t send us pictures, a written detailed description will work, too.
        • Let us know the manufacturer, quantity, color and your perceived condition.
        • We’ll want to know where it’s located in Central Ohio.

If it meets our internal standards, we will make arrangements convenient for the both of us to view in-person and inventory the item(s).

Buyback program (1024x683)Buyback Program

We’ll remove your old furniture and possibly even sell it. At Office Furniture Closeouts, we want to help you get the full value out of your furniture investment with us, while providing a flexible solution to make way for new options in your space. Through ourprogram, we create a customized plan to help you manage the removal of existing assets, which could involve positive cash value for you. In addition, our goal is to improve our environment by reducing what goes to landfills through asset resale, scrap and donation.

We want to provide a complete solution that takes the challenges of managing aging assets that you might face into something that’s easy and seamless for you. With our removal capabilities, we can take most existing assets o your hands. From workstations to seating and even some electronics, we’ll tackle most projects, regardless of manufacturer.

After we see your pieces, we’ll will decide whether or not to make an offer. We have sold furniture and offered a guaranteed buy-back based on normal wear & tear. Our goal is to give each potential sale a fair assessment.

Please fill out the form below with details pertaining to the furniture you want to sell.

Upload pictures of your furniture.