Sitting vs. Standing at Work: Does it Really Matter?

If you have an office job where you sit much of the day hunched over a desk, clicking away on your keyboard – read below for some tips and ideas about how to keep moving at work.

Research suggests that people who sit excessively have increased risk for injury, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The human body is made to move, but a significant number of working adults around the world say they are sitting 3 to 8 hours a day on average. It’s easy to talk about it and recognize we need to move more while at work, but what can we realistically do about it?

Below are 5 ideas to help get you moving and healthier throughout your day.

Blog 2 (2) (1024x683)1. Give choices. Provide a variety of furniture options so people have the option to sit, stand and move throughout the workday. There are a lot of affordable choices to help your employees.

2. Take “mini” breaks to get energized. Doctors recommend standing about every 20 minutes, so take mini breaks about three times an hour to help the blood flow. Stand, stretch and walk around to get your blood pumping and circulating. This helps build more energy than just standing alone.

3. Get personal with face-to-face conversations. Instead of sending an email, text, or instant message- do something novel and walk to your coworkers’ desk! Technology today makes it easy to send a message rather than get up and stretch our legs. Not only is it good for you, it’s good for your working relationships, too.

4. Take the stairs! I bet you haven’t heard that before. But think about it this way: walking just two flights of stairs daily burns enough calories to melt away 6 pounds in a year, according to experts. The elevator is convenient, but taking the stairs will payoff in the long term.

5. Move around to different workspaces. Make a conscious effort to move around to and work in different areas. Maybe you take your work to the break room one day and to a conference room another. By rotating where you work, you break up your day and give yourself an option to work in spaces that support you.