What Should I Do if I Need to Expand My Space?

If you want to examine how you can make the most of your existing workspace, don’t let it fool you- it’s not always easy.

But as your organization grows and your needs change, your space will probably have to adapt as well. The U.S. EPA estimates that Americans spend a majority of their time indoors, in fact almost 90% of it, partly in thanks to the shift of job demands and reliance on technology. Because of this shift in work style, your workplace will more than likely have to undergo a reconfiguration at some point.

So, what exactly does a reconfiguration mean? Well, quite simply, it’s a better understanding of how your physical space aligns with the associates who use it, and then applying those findings to help shape your space to maximize collaboration and productivity.

Blog 3 (2) (1024x1024) Before you attempt to start the reconfiguration process, here are some things you should think about:

– Figure out how you currently use space. This is fairly simple. How are you using space today? What does foot traffic look like? How many work stations do your employees occupy? Do your employees use a kitchen? By understanding how your employees currently use the space, it will give you a baseline to work from to improve.

– Ask your employees. In an ideal world, how would their new work space take shape? Would it be open and collaborative, or do they want some privacy? Would they like a new cafe or more conference space? Do they want to write on the walls or project information from their iPad to anywhere in the facility? Ask your employees what they would like to see and consider those ideas when it’s time to reconfigure. Your staff can be one of your best assets for changing your work place.

– Ask questions. If you’re working with professionals, have a list of questions to ask in advance. Your vendor-partner who is helping you should be able to provide their expert advice on the best strategies for handling a transition. These are just a few things to consider when reconfiguring your space.