How to Keep Your Office Furniture Looking New

To some, office furniture is just another business necessity; for others, it sets the tone and culture of the workplace environment. Chances are, you’ll probably have to spend some money to buy more as you grow and as change in the workplace requires. Whatever your circumstances, we know it can be a big investment for your business.Blog1 (2) (1024x683)You’ve probably heard, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, when it comes to something as expensive as office furniture, it’s better to prevent issues caused by poor maintenance than trying to just fix them. In order to protect your investment, there are some things you can do- and most are of little to no cost to you: 1. Figure out the furniture finish. Before you do any maintenance on any piece, know what finish it is. By knowing the material in advance, you’ll eliminate the possibility of ruining a delicate finish. For example, wood and laminate are different, so they require their special treatments. In the event you don’t know, it’s best to contact your furniture dealer or the manufacturer directly. 2. Review what the manufacturer recommends. Chances are that your office furniture came with an owner’s manual. If you can locate it, it should tell you how you can go about maintaining your furniture, and if it’s under warranty and in need of repair, the manufacturer can help you get the item repaired by an authorized service center. 3. Clean pieces regularly. Office furniture may vary in material, price and build, but all office furniture can benefit from regular routine cleaning. Whether it’s wiping up a spill or deeply cleaning upholstery, routine cleaning can help increase the longevity of your pieces as well as protect your investment and your employees’ health. Upholstery, desk tops and conference tables are notorious for harboring germs, which can spread germs. By regularly cleaning your furniture, you’ll create a healthy, happy workplace for all. Tell us, what do you do to maintain your office furniture?