Yes, we do! Check out the details here.
With most manufacturers, there is a certain turnaround time for ordering. For items in stock, we can check our schedule to work with yours. Our delivery team works Monday – Friday, but after hours deliveries, for a fee, are available. For more information on delivery, click here.
 Yes, we do! We carry a variety of new furniture choices from some of the most popular manufacturers. To see what new furniture we carry, click here. If you’re interested in our used furniture that undergoes a comprehensive evaluation before being sold, click here.
 Sure! That’s one of our services we offer. With real estate costs climbing and the workforce becoming more mobile, we’ll help you evaluate your space and how to best position your furniture in it. Click here to contact us about this service.
You bet. Our team will work with you to determine what furniture pieces will work best for your space, and once we determine the right fit, our expert staff will create a plan that works best with the furniture and accompanying pieces you’ve chosen!